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About me

I am currently a Research Fellow at UCL School of Management. Prior to joining UCL, I earned my PhD in Operations Management and my MPhil in Management Science and Operations at the University of Cambridge as well as a Diplôme d’Ingénieur in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble.

My research lies at the intersection of innovation and operations management (OM). More specifically, I study how employees or companies react to changes in their organizational or industry landscape and how firms can optimize operational performance given these dynamics. Some applications of the disruptive changes I study are the complex behavioural dynamics behind the adoption of new and risky practices in organizations (e.g., digital innovation), the changes in customer loyalty from new disruptive online sales channels in the hotel industry, and the impact of changing incentive contracts on employees’ productivity. My PhD research received the INFORMS TIME Best Dissertation Award 2020.

I principally use classic and evolutionary game theory to generate actionable insights and complement these theoretical analyses with data-driven methods such as econometrics and simulations using datasets obtained through industry collaborations.


Publications and under review

Working papers

  • A. Feylessoufi (with J. Hutchison-Krupat, and S. Kavadias). “Interdependence, Modularity, and Incentives for Uncertain Projects.”

  • A. Feylessoufi (with E. Korpeoglu and M. Sumida). “Loyalty Program Adoption and Multi-channel Revenue Management.”

Work in progress

  • A. Feylessoufi (with E. Korpeoglu, L. Song, and S.Yang). “Empirical Analysis of Loyalty Program Change on Customer Channel Switching Behaviour.”
  • A. Feylessoufi (with X. Guo, and E. Korpeoglu). “Demand Forecasting and Multi-channel Capacity Planning.”


Lead Lecturer at HEC Paris

Operations and Supply Chain Management (Master) Spring Semester 2022

  • Taught 2 sections (36 hours each) of the core class in the Master’s programme (Grande ́ecole – 110 students)
  • Teaching evaluations: 4.8/5 and 4.6/5

Guest Lecturer at UCL School of Management

Product, Innovation, and Operations Management (Undergraduate) Fall Semester 2021

  • Taught 36 hours of tutorial lectures to 250 students (undergraduates in Management Science)
  • Teaching evaluations: 4.8/5

Academic Supervisor at University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

Industry Projects (Management Tripos Undergraduate) 2019 –2021

  • Supervised 5 end-of-year industry projects (18 students) with the following organizations: Glaxo Smith Kline, Spark Electric Vehicles, VentureFounders, Owlstone and Cambridge City Council.

Course Coordinator at University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

Innovation Management (Executive MBA) Fall Semester 2015 –2020
Operations Management (Executive MBA) Spring Semester 2016 –2017

  • Leading supervisions for EMBA innovation end-of-year essays, providing in-class coordination and after-class support, demonstrating tutorials
  • Teaching evaluations (last 2 years): 4.4/5 and 4.3/5

Teaching Assistant at University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering

Risk Modeling (Engineering Tripos Undergraduate) Spring Semester 2017–2018

  • Taught 16 hours of tutorial lectures to 80 students